About Power JET

We are a company specializing in the supply and installation of all types of elevators

  • Passenger
  • Cargo
  • Panorama
  • Hospitals
  • Hydraulic

The company carries out the supply, installation and maintenance of all types of elevators, both dependent on its method of work machines traction with Gearbox, or hydraulic latest technology and the finest materials.
The company provides in the elevator all insurance systems and protection for users of the elevator, as well as in maintaining the tasks of the elevator.
The company has a distinct and integrated team of engineers, technicians, and administrators sales, customer service, expertise spanning more than twenty years in the field of elevators.
The company on behalf of the client to end all business complementary to the process of installation, the shaft processing, or the establishment of a metal well, or concrete in the absence of a place dedicated to the elevator, and building machinery rooms, as well as the behalf of the Client of the termination of the neighborhoods and places of special nature that you get approvals from your projects and Lands armed forces or the police, as well as assisting in the installation of electricity meters and so on.
All the company's business carried out in accordance to the Egyptian Code and the law of the elevators in terms of the quality of raw materials, and installation quality, and safety factors.

We are honored to cooperate with you and always keen on constant communication.